Densie's Lavender fields at 2600 ft

Girl on the Hill Lavender, Mt. Vaca

Located at the highest elevation in Solano County atop Mt Vaca, Girl on the Hill grows very prized high altitude lavender. At almost 3,000 feet, Grosso and Provence Lavender thrives with the eastern exposure and a unique micro-climate. We have been producing 100% pure and natural lavender essential oil since 2001.

Experience life among the flowers at Araceli Farms! Along with opening up our field of over 14,000 plants, we curate unique experiences for your body, mind and soul. Yoga, wellness workshops, crafting, essential oil distillation and much much more is offered & we’d love to have you join us!
We open for U-pick and workshops our entire season & will be hosting our 3rd annual Lavender Festivals with 2 weekends to choose from. Ready to join our beautiful inclusive community? Visit our website for more details, dates and times!

IL Fiorello Olive Oil Company, Fairfield

Nestled in the gentle rolling hills of rustic Suisun Valley, lies IL Fiorello Olive Oil Company, home of international award-winning olive oils. Surprised to find them on the Lavender Trail? Don’t be; IL Fiorello is a certified organic farm, dedicated to the principles of sustainable agriculture which embraces growing marvelous bio-diversity, such as olives, citrus, and a dizzying assortment of fruits, vegetables, & herbs, including great swathes of lavender.
Open year-round to visitors, come enjoy the peaceful farm and elegant gathering spaces, enjoy a glass of wine or beer, and breathe in the subtle aroma of lavender.

Morningsun Herb Farm, Vacaville

Our family-owned nursery and display gardens have been in operation since 1995. We grow over 500 species of herbs, vegetables, unusual and drought-tolerant perennials and pollinator plants. We specialize in a huge selection of lavenders, propagating over 45 varieties in our greenhouses. Our display gardens, located in our family walnut orchard, are wonderful teaching tools for gardeners, chefs, herbalists, and crafters. Bring a picnic to relax in the gardens, and some extra treats to share with our donkeys.

Capay Valley Lavender, Capay

Capay Valley Lavender is easy to find and easy to love.  Relax, refresh your spirit and roam our fragrant fields with over 10,000 lavender plants.   Come experience a day to enjoy all that lavender has to offer – sight, smell, sound, taste and touch.

Cut a bundle of fresh lavender, create a personal sachet, challenge a friend to bocce, or bring a picnic.  Artists and photographers are welcome.

We offer the best of rural life in the enchanting Capay Valley.  A short drive off CA-505, along CA-16. 

Please visit our website for open dates and workshop schedule.

Bee kissing lavender

Soul Food Farm, Vacaville

Soul Food Farm is a small family farm nestled along the historic Pleasants Valley Road. Our Lavender fields are a joint partnership with Morningsun Herb Farm and our love of all things Lavender. Over 2000 plants grace our land and are the source of our Lavender essential oil., Hydrosol, and Specialty Products. Wander through the fields, join us for yoga, paint classes, U-Pick, and our annual festival. For dates and schedules, please visit our website.

Luna Lavender Farms

Luna Lavender Farms, Guinda

Set in the beautiful Capay Valley, just a short drive from Sacramento and Vacaville Luna Lavender Farms is a private country estate offering a charming spot to gather. Luna Lavender Farms boasts 70 acres of rolling hills and over an acre of lavender fields. The farm is nestled on the side of a mountain in the little town of Guinda, overlooking acres of various organic farms including fruit and nut orchards. Simply put, the views are stunning and unmatched by any location in the valley. During winter, summer or fall the hillside location is perfect for admiring the acres of green farmland across the valley floor. In the spring the place is ideal for admiring the blossom covered trees that span the acres. Once you experience Luna Lavender Farms in person, we are absolutely confident you will fall in love with this place just like we did.

D.A.M.N. Good Lavender Farm & Apiary

Our love for the honey bee began when we started our small family apiary in 2008. For the past 12 years, we have shared the beautiful golden gift of our hives with family and friends and named our honey “D.A.M.N Good”, an acronym for our family – Dan, Alex, Michelle and Nicole. Because of our love of the honey bee, in 2019, with the help of family and friends, we planted nearly 2500 lavender plants on our farm as an excellent food source for our honey bees. Now, our bees not only forage the rich agriculture surrounding our apiary but also the beautiful lavender on our farm. We invite you to come visit D.A.M.N. Good Lavender Farm and Apiary where you will be transported to a simpler time when people communed with nature and enjoyed her marvelous gifts. We are excited to be on this amazing and challenging journey as lavender farmers and beekeepers and are blessed to share their gifts with you!
“For the love of the honey bee”