2021 Farms Hosting Lavender Events

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Lavender Weekend 2021 is here!

Join us on June 11th – 13th for a fun-filled, scent-filled lavender weekend!

Below you’ll find a digital copy of our brochure, full of information about the abundant offering of classes and the luncheon for this year’s event

Please call us at 707-864-1529 for more information and to schedule your experience!


Morningsun Herb Farm

Fresh Lavender Wreath Making Workshop, Lavender Wand Making Class and take a whirlwind tour of the fragrant and fabulous lavender world with Morningsun Herb Farm owner, and Hierbas y Flores co-owner, Rose Loveall.


Soul Food Farm & Hierbasy Flores

As our lavender is coming into bloom in June, we are excited to share the experience of wandering through the fields filled with lavender in many shades, colors, and sizes, and buzzing with bees, butterflies, and birds.

During your hour visit to the lavender field, you can cut lavender, take photos, wander the field, dance, sit, contemplate, meditate, and just generally enjoy the experience of a field of blooming lavender.

We will provide you with the ties, and each tie you will fill with cut lavender will cost $6. We will provide clippers which will be sanitized, however, we suggest you bring your own clippers if possible.


Capay Valley Lavender